Contact Management

Track Everything Instantly

Keep a single shared customer profile, company-wide. Know you're looking at the same up-to-date contact as service and marketing. Gain insight through a shared database system – that's CRM.

Sales Pipeline

Close leads faster

Get all of the details on your team's deals – stage, products, competition, quotes and more. See where leads come from and identify deals stuck in the sales pipeline and close more sales.

Marketing Automation

Powerful tools for marketing

Unlimited email campaigns; powerful marketing tools with SMS or with plain text or HTML and attachments or autoresponders. We also do print campaigns and direct mail management and more.

Get Mobile

Works on any device

Free CRM works on any device – just fire up your mobile browser and connect to our secure web site. Bookmark us so you can have quick access every time; over 20% of our users are on mobile tablets and smartphones. RPMC SoFi Software Ancell The University of British Columbia CardsMadeEasy Foyer

Companies & Contacts

It's easy to track leads and accounts in either B2B or B2C, whether you are in products or services, our software tracks everything from the Company or Contact level. provides quick access to all critical account data, including key contacts, communication history, notes, shared documents, partners in the account, and more. And get a complete picture of every contact, from social insights to campaign history to opportunities they're involved in.

Deals & Pipeline

Our sales pipeline gives you a current, comprehensive view of all your sales activities. Know where every customer is in the sales cycle, deal size, contact history, even competitor information to help craft more effective messaging. Sales pipeline reports & sales dashboards provide an easy, accurate read of everything going on.

Calls & Voice

Our product has powerful call tracking and call scheduling and automation features that sets it apart from the rest. Most other systems do not have powerful call scripting, follow up and call reporting with detailed call center features. Our VoiceCRM product is powered by the latest WebRTC technology which lets you call any US phone number with just a click. Go ahead and try the Voice calling today.


With point-and-click convenience, our powerful document management and doc storage is a safe, secure place to centralize your electronic document assets. Your team can then quickly access contracts, sales and marketing literature, standardized forms, software, or any other type of file instantly from anywhere in the world.


Forms are question and answer surveys. Forms can also be call scripts where data can be answered and inputted by your sales or support staff. You can also distribute the forms to clients through a URL to a webpage to get customer feedback. Form and survey creation is easy with our form builder, creating "Wizard Forms" - multi-page forms that are easy to follow and complete. Once the form is completed, you will be given a web link to the form that you may distribute.


Our reporting features allow you to gauge the effectiveness of your software solution and how well your sales staff is completing the sales cycle. You can also run reports that track system usage for each of your team members, allowing you to see where additional training is needed or extra customization in the application so that your team can use the tool more efficiently and easily as it pertains to your normal business operation.

Marketing Campaigns

Develop targeted marketing campaigns based on customer profile and history. Execute email campaigns around time-sensitive promotions and opportunities. Track marketing expenditures in real-time. Focus and improve the quality of your lead generation. Utilize our promotions feature to track loyalty and give customers benefits.

Customer Support

Cases are our customer support feature, which can be used to streamline organization-wide CS process and enable a better integration with sales & in a single integrated system. Case management, trouble tickets, issue management all integrated with sales information and more helps in resolving the customer issues in less time and enhances satisfaction, cross-selling and up-selling opportunities in the future.

Import & Export

We can import and export data like any other program, so whether you use Excel or have an old ACT database to convert, it is easy to use our simple Importing feature to bring in your new data. Doing something complex, like importing custom relational data such as It's easy to migrate even enterprise data, can handle more than just importing your old Excel worksheets. Of course you can export data anytime from, simply designate the kind of file format and delimiter or native Excel or other formats are supported.

API & Web Services

We provide an API, or application programming interface to the CRM system objects using standards-based web services. Our XML API and SOAP interfaces give developers the tools that they need to interact in real time with data in the CRM system.

Print & SMS

We support direct mail and mail merge campaigns using our advanced Microsoft Word integration, which lets you create custom Word templates and then do mass mailings or direct mail campaigns using the data in the CRM that gets merged with your Word templates. Want to extend your campaigns to SMS or need to send out messages to groups using SMS? It's easy with the Pro edition, which includes SMS marketing campaigns options.

Alerts & Reminders

Our software can alert you of upcoming meetings and events either by email, SMS, or screen pop-ups. You can set alerts in many different ways and using different action rules, such as when new data is entered, edited, or deleted, your team members can get instant alerts and updates from the CRM. Using our rules-based alerts system can keep managers and salespeople abreast of the latest happenings in the system. Other powerful alerts and reminders, such as task ticklers or calendar reminders can alert you, the team, and even external contacts with the latest information.

Mobile iOS & Android works great on phones and tablets straight out of the box. All you need to do is change the CRM skin to the most friendly mobile version and you can easily access all of the information in the CRM form Android, iPhone or any other device with your built-in browser. Make it easy by adding a mobile bookmark and you will always be able to access the CRM from anywhere on any device.

Task & Event Tracking

Tracking tasks, issues, and sales gives you complete visibility into the time you and your team members are spending on any given deal or case. Tasks can be related to all parts of the CRM. Using tasks enables teams to better close deals and issues together. Management gets the visibility they need into quality, satisfaction and responsiveness; your team members are more organized, from start to end, in closing business and managing customer support.

Group Calendar

Our group calendar is a great way to manage and see your schedule and your employees' daily, week, and monthly scheduled activities and customer meetings, calls, and everything else. You can track upcoming events, set reminders, create tasks and enter notes, attach files to calendar activities, associate calendar entries with one or more contacts and assign tasks to one or more co-workers and more.

Outlook Sync

For Pro edition customers we offer a Microsoft Outlook Sync tool, which is a true 2-way synchronization utility that updates contacts, calendars and tasks with the CRM and MS Outlook. Whenever you update a record in Outlook or in the CRM, the changes get updated and synchronized, keeping both systems uniform and giving you quick easy access to the same up to date information.

Backup & Security

We let you export data anytime and you can always get a complete snapshot of all of your data anytime. Professional edition customers also have the 1-click convenience of a total backup function, which zips up all the data in your CRM in one easy file. We also have a 1-click backup feature for the document repository, so all of your important files and documents can be downloaded and backed up in one easy step. The CRM also utilizes industry standard military-grade 128-bit SSL encryption and also has the most secure data centers in the world.