We provide a robust document management feature that allows you to share your important documents with your team, providing instant access to all of your electronic files. Simply create a folder and put your files in it; you can even upload a whole directory structure with one simple click.

With point-and-click convenience, our powerful document management and doc storage is a safe, secure place to centralize your electronic document assets. Your team can then quickly access contracts, sales and marketing literature, standardized forms, software, or any other type of file instantly from anywhere in the world

Our free service includes 10 megabytes of storage, and our professional version includes unlimited of storage for all of your teams' important docs.

Each member of your team can have their own document store, and each document can be related to a function within the CRM application. For example, a document can be assigned to a contact, task, event, or call -- assign marketing and sales information to customers to show that they have been sent information. Instantly, all of your sales and support staff have 24 x 7 secure access to all of your important business information assets

Our document management and CRM integration combines with our call and email functions for total sales force automation and customer relationship management. Utilizing the full power of CRM means total integration of the sales and support processes as it relates to customers, try for yourself and see the power that real-time CRM and document integration brings to your successful business.