Want to create Email Campaigns?
Send to Mailing Lists with rich templates?
Analyze your mailings improve the effectiveness of ongoing campaigns?

Integrate your existing POP mail accounts with our application and harness the most powerful online tool in your existing email accounts. Create and manage email campaigns with mail merging ability, our systems provide integrated document management and email campaigning, surveys and questionnaires and more. Combined with our call scripting automation, email automation and list and campaign management, tools essential for making the sales process more efficient; take advantage of our powerful CRM system today.

Create email campaigns that use your own email server to create powerful and compelling sales literature; our integrated document system allows you to easily create email campaigns with your existing sales and marketing templates.

First: use the document manager to pull in all of your sales literature

Second: use the email campaign creation functions to automate the distribution of your targeted marketing campaign

Our CRM email functionality is not supposed to replace your current mail system or client, but works together with your existing email system to provide an automated distribution and integrated CRM system. Using your own POP account, you can distribute and track emails to customers, and with our new loyalty management feature, you can create coupons and promotions and track them as customers and their friends drive more business to you with rewards programs