Forms are question and answer surveys. Forms can also be call scripts where data can be answered and inputted by your sales or support staff. You can also distribute the forms to clients through a URL to a webpage to get customer feedback. Form and survey creation is easy with our form builder, creating "Wizard Forms" - multi-page forms that are easy to follow and complete. Once the form is completed, you will be given a web link to the form that you may distribute.


Give Customer a Quality Feedback Form


Give your staff questionnaires and scripts

Build custom surveys for sales, marketing, and customer satisfaction

Using online forms, you can save time in multiple email and phone messaging that may take weeks; simply send a link to your prospective client or current supported customer, and you can easily qualify and route the request to the most efficient solution. The web forms / surveys feed results into a reporting system, which is presented as a table with all of the results easily displayed. You may also export the survey form results to Excel or comma separated file for import into other analysis or marketing systems.